Label Printing Advice and Support

We offer a range of free advice and support on a wide range of labelling related topics online, by phone and email. If you would like to request a visit by an experienced labelling consultant please don't hesitate to contact us today!

What is a self adhesive label?

Self adhesive labels are also known as pressure sensitive labels. They are made by printing onto a construction of 3 layers. Read More..

How to remove self adhesive labels and sticker residue

Many people are frustrated by the ugly mess left which remains when you remove self adhesive labels. Hear are some tips to remove sticky label residu... Read More..

Applying adhesives on self adhesive labels

The adhesives on self adhesive labels are sensitive to temperature and moisture, and should be applied as described in this article. Read More..

How to choose the right adhesive for your labels

Selecting the right adhesive is a balance between the strength of the inital “tack” or “grab”, the final long term strength of adhesion (so the label... Read More..

Advice for 1st time buyers of self adhesive labels

The first step is to contact us and describe what you want to achieve. We will analyse your requirements so as to determine the correct combination o... Read More..